What mobile users want to see from your website

As a business owner, you are probably aware that you need a mobile-friendly business website. To drive more customers, it is not enough to simply provide them all the necessary information. The key lies on how you present them the information. Lack of information and poor presentation can make them lose their interest and click your competitor’s website. And you don’t want that to happen.

If you would ask hundreds or even thousands of people what they’re looking for in a business’s website, their answers will give you all the idea what a business’s mobile site should look like. It will indicate just how important it is for businesses to develop very informative and presentable mobile responsive websites.
Most people nowadays use smartphone which means they have the ability to navigate their cellphone screen with the swipe of a finger. This emphasizes the importance of drop-down menus and click-to-call capabilities on mobile sites.

Poor web design will definitely kill your chance of attracting customers. That’s even worst than a poorly-stocked shelves of products in a physical store. For mobile website where screen space is very limited, the design need to be presentable and information that searchers need (like phone, business hours etc.) has to be visible. Because again, lack of information, annoying text size (might be too big or too small), unclickable links and unresponsive website are definitely top concerns that can deter customers from using your business. You are then at risk of losing a lot of customers.

Majority of mobile users find that a high quality mobile site makes a good impression. Well, that’s true. They think a good website means your company wants their business. Some said that businesses with good mobile websites care about their customers and other users are actually want to do business with a company that has a good mobile website.
Online success for your business is not measured by simply having a mobile optimized website.
Having a site that is well-optimized with prominently displayed contact information and business hours is what really matters. Additional information about your products and services is additional key to catch the big fish in the ocean.
Overall as a business, ya’ll need to have a site that is optimized for mobile, search engines and humans.

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