What is Link Building?

Link Building is one of the easy methods to gain higher ranking and holds almost half of the success rate of a website. Knowing that links are important and has great effects in ranking factors, building links that point to your website is really crucial. Google Panda updates along with other algorithm updates have hit rankings of many sites that do not pass Google’s quality test. If your link is found to be intended in manipulating Page Rank or a site’s ranking in Google search results, it may be considered part of a link scheme and violating Google Guidelines is a BIG no-no. That will make your site penalized.

Link Building Strategy & Why You Need It

Build links for your exposure and visibility. It really doesn’t matter if you will build it on a no follow website as long as it was visible to your target visitors.

Build links for traffic. Building links to boost traffic to a website is really indispensable to ensure that your site will also be helpful in increasing leads. But if none of that traffic is converting to leads and bounced rate of your site increased, they are not considered your target market and won’t be beneficial to your business.

Build links for authority. It is really a great help to a website in terms of ranking in organic search, but you have to avoid link manipulation as Google can track it and may lead to penalties. Establishing an authority to ensure people will trust your site whenever you share some information or publish content.

Increase website authority. It is based on three (3) factors: age, popularity and size. The higher the authority, the more influential the website is.

What We Do

  • Formulate a high quality link-building campaign in order to acquire the most relevant, quality links to your website.
  • Perform back link audit to find out where your links came from and how they’re affecting your site, and examine the overall status of your back links.
  • Penalty recovery. Have you acquired spammy links which may cause harsh drop on your site’s traffic? You could have been hit by penguin or Google’s algorithm updates.
  • Ranking promise? We deliver results. Links are very essential. No matter what happen in the world of internet, links are always useful to your website.

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