SEO Errors You Might Be Doing

Are you aware of what SEO mistakes you might be doing?

Let’s say you are a website owner, a site without ranking position on the SERPs. Even if you’re doing everything right from a marketing perspective, there are some vital points you missed to check and forgot to settle. Some factors who might be the reason why your site wasn’t positioning for any important keyphrases. None.

Your site might have:

Very few keyphrases on the page
No keyphrase-rich headlines (H1)
Keyphrase-free titles and pages didn’t have Meta descriptions, which is very important find out here why.
Targeted the wrong keyword(s).
Ignored Title Tags
Concentrated too much on Meta Tags.

Write Naturally

You can’t just “write naturally” without a little touch of SEO and expect Google will “get” what your site is about. Meaning – you can’t just skip all the important steps (SEO) and still do well.

That’s a pretty dangerous mistake.

You have to add some SEO sizzle and spice up your content.

Quality content matters, Keyphrases in the Titles, H1, description, and body copy matters. Simple yet very essential stuffs that SEO writers have been discussing since the beginning of SEO.
Fix those errors and your site will start positioning within a week. Rankings are still building for the super competitive phrases, but even those are coming along nicely for sure. A little optimization on your site to unlock and maximize its full potential can help a lot. The thing is, your page might not be written with consideration to SEO but you can fix this. You know you do.

You can:

Change and improve your titles so they are unique, which is better for Google and especially your readers.
Start writing meta descriptions for your pages or improve them if there is. Just remember to NEVER use the same meta description on each of them.
Add keyphrases to old posts and page content, it can help a lot for better search position.
Re-write your pages to add keyphrases and to make it more attractive to your readers. This is a very clever strategy for short-content pages where you cannot add keyphrases unnoticeably.

Fixing errors for your site will cost you time and budget but it’s worth it.

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