Citation Cleanup to Fix Bad Listings by Online Crib

Take back the control to set the right first impression when you choose Online Crib to handle your citation cleanup. You may already be aware that citations are mentions of your business information, usually on directory websites. Nearly every business has bad citations out there where both customers and search engines can find them. It will hurt your reputation when customers have frustrating experiences because of bad information. It can hurt your local search engine rankings when different sets of information are listed as your “official” information.

Paired with our citation audit to track down bad citations (FREE with every cleaning order), this service is the perfect tool for small businesses looking to improve the quality and accuracy of their information. If you don’t need an audit, we can still help you by acting on any bad citations that you’ve found for yourself.

Our Citation Cleanup Services

Our comprehensive citation cleanup service is only $59.99 for one round of cleanup. To ensure quality, our process is fully manual. Our live techs take a custom approach to each bad citation. In many cases this involves creating an account where the bad information is listed, or contacting a system administrator who can be held responsible for changing the information. Because we approach each bad citation individually, we have a very high rate of success convincing directories to fix them.


  • Full Citation Audit
  • Competition Analysis
  • 1 Round of Cleanup
  • Detailed Reporting


  • Full Citation Audit
  • Competition Analysis
  • 4 Rounds of Cleanup
  • Detailed Reporting

Why ‘Clean’ Citations Matter to Small Businesses

If you have found any instances of bad information, it is important that you act soon to protect your business. Bad information that isn’t fixed can often have a way of infuriating customers and leading them to choose your competitors instead. After all, you don’t want websites to tell customers you are open when you are closed, or that you are at a different address. Even when it isn’t your fault, customers will blame you when they can’t get the service they wanted.

There’s also another major risk to consider. When a bad citation is created, it can be picked up by the directories that seed information to other directories. That means one bad citation can suddenly turn into hundreds of them. If you take too long to order a citation cleaning, this can happen to you. Quickly deal with bad citations while they’re still small enough to contain.

Ask Us about Citation Cleaning

Order a citation cleaning to get rid of all of your bad listings today. Our experienced team will help you reach your goals by stripping the internet of the bad information that’s costing your business. The team at Online Crib is here to answer any questions you have about our services. Please contact us if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to order.

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