Full Citation Audits for Only $10 by Online Crib

$10 Full Manual Citation Audit

Let Online Crib support your local ranking goals with a full, manual citation audit for only $10! For only the cost of the average lunch, our experienced techs will scour the internet for all of your citations, and deliver them to you in an easy-to-read report.

What’s a citation? It’s any mention of your business information on another website, typically your business’s’ name, address and phone number. The number and quality of your citations is a known ranking factor, so it’s important that all of your citations around the internet are correct and consistent.

A full citation audit will help you locate citations wherever they’re placed, and because our citations are done manually, we won’t miss the results that are missed by automated processes. Our detailed reports can be used to take an inventory of your citations built so far, to assess your strategy or to find out why your customers are complaining.

Are Bad Citations a Threat?

Yes, bad citations can threaten your online strategies in several ways. First, they’re bad for your customers. When your customers search for your business using search engines or Google Maps, they can find bad addresses and phone numbers. Not only does this cost you a sale, but it can cause customers to leave bad reviews that will last for years. You want your customers to be able to find you the right way, and that means all of your citations have to give them the right information.

Incorrect citations can also undo all of the important work that you’ve put into your local search strategy. Any ranking power you may have built with citations gets split when there is more than one version of your business information being passed around. The different versions often end up competing with one another, meaning the money spent building citations is wasted.

Our citation audit will help you locate all versions of your business information that are being used. If you notice that you have many bad citations, we can help you with our citation cleanup service.

What Comes with the Best Citation Audit?

Our citation audit is the most comprehensive audit you can get for the price. Every order includes all of the features that you see below.


  • Manual Citation Audit
  • Audit Business Name, Address, and Phone
  • Audit Website Link and Images
  • Aggregators Audit
  • Free Competition Analysis
  • Detailed Reporting
  • 48hrs ETA
  • Money Back Guarantee

Order a Citation Audit Today!

We make ordering citations audits fast and easy. Just click here and fill out our five-minute form. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have about our audits. You can contact us for all general questions here.

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