How the change in Google SERP can affect PPC, Organic Search and Users

Google is trying to kill the organic search results.
This is what comes to our mind when we first heard about the changes made by Google on the SERP. This is a messy situation for marketers.

Google has removed the sidebar ads that we once seen on the right side of the SERP. They made a favorable move for paid ads, increasing their number to four and placed them above the fold of result. With four ads showing on the top and some more below, there’s only a few rooms left for organic listings. Many are debating on whether this is a good or bad move for marketers and users. Some says it is because side bar ads cannot display on mobile therefore, putting it all on top makes it a lot easier for people to see it and for Google to gain from it.

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Personally, I think this will improve user experience, only if the searcher doesn’t mind scrolling down before organic results appear. Google makes the SERP layout look clean and get the people to click ads unconsciously. Users don’t even realized that they are clicking ads because it looks ‘kinda native’ and a lot of naive searchers don’t even noticed the difference between sponsored and organic result.
The big impact of the new “clean” layout on organic search will result in changing our marketing strategy. We must know and determine how the changes are impacting PPC marketing. Yes, the number of ads on top of the search increased but the removal of the sidebar ads also means the number of ads overall on SERP decreased.

The amount will be high and in premium now, so small business owners would have to think harder if they are willing to pay as the bid amount becomes higher and spots become fewer. They are taking sales away from small business owners and driving customers right through the large fish. If you own a small business, you can’t even compete with the big boys without getting broke, that’s for sure. Some says it may be a good riddance for those who do PPC, but if you’re paying, you won’t likely to be on the under fold right?

Well, what I will do now is wait for the time that Google will mix up a couple ads right into the middle of organic results.

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