Google Begun Rolling Out Series of Algorithmic Changes

Google has begun rolling out an algorithm changes that targets hacked spam more aggressively. These changes is said to be affecting 5% of queries when fully rolled out. Google says that they we’re going to continuously make some changes and tune up its algorithms to totally remove all the bad content.

They said this aggressive move is made to protect searchers and website owners because it is extremely dangerous for legit sites if they fall into the dirty hands of hackers.

A site hack can be use redirecting people to different site that they don’t intend to visit, it can also be use in marketing illegal goods and loads of malware downloads.

Google says you may begin to see some changes in the SERPs, most probably the reduction in the amount of results shown. It’s because Google wants to show only the most relevant results for particular queries.

SERPs will begin to get smaller now with Google removing large amounts of hacked spam.

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