Top Citation Sites and Directories for the Netherlands

It’s quite surprising that The Netherlands has such massive demand when it comes to local citation services. In the simplest form of SEO, local citation is basically an online mention of your business name, address, phone and/or website (NAPW). It could be on any platform like business directories and social media. It is one of the best ways to get your business visible to online users. It also has a huge impact to local search ranking. They are used heavily in SEO campaign to rank businesses in local search. An accurate business information provides big G (Google) the credibility needed for it to recognize your business’ existence. It has to be consistent to prove its authenticity and legitimacy as a business.

To defeat your competitors in the local citation game, you have to build more local citations than them. Local businesses should utilize local citation sources in their country. Local citation is a time consuming process but, it creates authority and establish trust to your business so it’s really worth the shot. While generic business directories are quite handy, the local and niche are the ones that hard to obtain. You need to dig deeper to track down all the directories that actually works.

But here you are, and you have come to the right place! We did all the research for you and we compile the top citation sites and directories for the country of Netherlands. We found quite a handful, but we carefully handpicked the ones that will benefit your local business. We are also using these sites to submit listings for our clients.

Top 20 Local Directory Sites in The Netherlands

Website LinkDADRFree?Trust FlowCitation FlowOrganic Traffic
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We will constantly update this list and we will provide all the important information about each site. We will put all the relevant information that will help you on your Citation Building.
We’re pretty sure that we have skipped a handful here on our list, so do not hesitate to comment down below for your thoughts as well as your suggestions.

We are here to give you all the help you need! Ask us any questions you have about citation building! Our expert citation building team regularly submits listings for our clients from The Netherlands.

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