Top Business Directories and Local Citation Sites for Japan

Local SEO approach in Japan is a bit different than any other countries. Campaigns are not primarily focused on Google but also on Yahoo! Japan. One thing we all have in common is, building local citations.

If you want to take control of the local search, setting up a website for your business is not good enough. One of the most crucial parts of your local SEO strategy is local citation. It is basically an online mention of your business information. It helps potential clients to find you, whenever they need you. An accurate citation listing is well loved by the search engine. It boosts your online presence, which may end up for potential customers to discover you and your products/services offered.

Search engine like Google will evaluate the credibility and authenticity of your company by the accuracy of your business information (NAPW) all over the web. If you build more local listings with an accurate and consistent business name, address, phone and website (NAPW), then you are very much likely to be classified as a trusted business by search engines. Local citations affects local search engine rankings as it transmits a strong signal to search engine. It can also influence how potential market will discover you.

Among the most effective ways to rank your company in Japan is to build an accurate and solid listings to the best Japanese business directories. It is important for companies to get listed on those business directories to get a higher chance of ranking.
Listed below is a list of the top Japanese citation sites. We did a comprehensive research and we wanted to share the best ones we found and currently using for our Japanese clients.

Top 20 Local Directory Sites in Japan

Website LinkDADRFree?Trust FlowCitation FlowOrganic Traffic
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We are sure that we have missed a handful sites here on our list, so kindly comment down below for your thoughts, questions and suggestions.

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