Top List of French Business Directories

When you have a business in France, then your primary target is the French market. And If you want to engage and reach a wide audience in your market, you must include SEO in your strategy. One of the vital parts of SEO that you will need to focus is local citation.

Local citation is any online mention of your business information most specifically your NAPW (Business Name, Business Address, Business Phone and Website). It could be in any business directories, social media sites and other platforms.
Google aknowledges businesses with detailed NAP or NAPW information mentioned on the web. An increased mentions of your business NAP or NAPW online boosts your opportunity to get a higher local ranking. If you want the best outcome possible for your campaign, you need to focus on building on business directories that are highly relevant to your industry as well in your geographic location.

The below list of French business directories consist of services and as industries that will cover almost any sorts of business in France.

There are no guidelines to follow when working on these business directories. Just follow the best practices for citation building, doesn’t matter which directories you’re building them. It is very important that you provide all the required information or as much as the business directory allow you. NAP or NAPW is the most important detail here, but, make sure that you only include an accurate and consistent information of your business. Bad profiles with incorrect information will create a complication in the future and will send bad signals to Google. It may hurt your local ranking big time!

What we have listed below is the best French directories that we use with our clients. These are the best ones on our list!

Top 20 Local Directory Sites in France

Website LinkDADRFree?Trust FlowCitation FlowOrganic Traffic
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We will give you all needed information about each and every single site on our list. We will continously update this list and provide all the crucial information that will help you benefit on your Citation Building,
We are sure we have skipped a few or probably more here on our list. Feel free to comment down below for your thoughts and suggestions that will make this list a better source.

Send us any questions you have about citation building! We are here to provide you all the assistance you need! Our expert citation staffs regularly submits listings to top French sites for our dear clients.

Relax, sit back and let us do all the hard work for you. Sign up for a client account and be one of our partners in success!

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