Top Local Citation Sites for China

China is one of the massive business place worlwide in different industries. It is also among the fastest growing economy in the world. With this kind of very close competition, you must ensure that you build citations on major sites that will benefit your business.
Local citation is an online mention of your business’ NAPW. It is very crucial to have a consistent NAPW on all your listings. It has been shown that an accurate NAPW helps with your SEO and your business will more likely to rank than the others. It is also a factor that helps Google decide whether you are a genuine business who is worthy of a place in the local pack.

Take control of your business online and be on top of the search engine results! Nobody likes digging up to a pile of listings with the same industry or services. If I were a client in desperate need of a plumber, I will definitely call whoever is on top of my search result. And as a business owner, you don’t wanna miss doing business with me, right?

Importance of Accurate NAPW

  • Incorrect Business Name – Business Names are sometimes similar to other businesses, with very little difference. It can be within the same industry or sometimes it’s not. You don’t want to drive away your potential clients right straight to your competitors.
  • Wrong Address – Your customer’s might go to Huaihai Road while you are actually on Xujiahui Shopping District. Hmm..that’s a major case of misleading information.
  • Old or Wrong number – You don’t want your potential clients to call an old or wrong number looking for you. They might opt for another business when they can’t, in any way connect with you.
  • Old / Nonexistent Web Address – It’s frustrating for online users to visit a dead link, not to mention the traffic that went straight into the trash.

Below are the top 20 business directories for China. We did an extensive research and we compile the list of the best sites we are currently using for our clients.

Top 20 Local Directory Sites in China

Website LinkDADRFree?Trust FlowCitation FlowOrganic Traffic
Back To Citation Sources,391

We will provide all the needed information in each and every single site on our list. We will constantly update this and put all the useful data that will help you on your Citation Building.
We’re certain we have missed a few here on our list, so feel free to comment down for your thoughts and suggestions.

Ask us any questions you have about citation building We are here to give you all the help you need! Our expert citation building team frequently submits listings to top China business directories for our clients.

Sit back, relax and let us handle all the tough work for you. Sign up for a client account now!

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