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How to Protect Your Content

Your content is your most valuable resource. It requires efforts and investment to make it as well as to protect it from thieves. Unfortunately, content theft is way too common and there is hardly a site that hasn’t been influenced. On the other hand, as an experience shows, when there are a thousand articles to [...] Read More

Christmas SEO Deal

Hey, This is your chance to save BIG on SEO! Starting December 1st, 2017  until before the year-end you can save a BIG 30% OFF on ALL of the following OC Products: CB Small Pack CB Medium Pack CB Large Pack Citation Audit Citation Clean Up If you have any questions about our products, SEO, or [...] Read More

How the change in Google SERP can affect PPC, Organic Search and Users

Google is trying to kill the organic search results. This is what comes to our mind when we first heard about the changes made by Google on the SERP. This is a messy situation for marketers. Google has removed the sidebar ads that we once seen on the right side of the SERP. They made [...] Read More

Exploiting Social Media Platforms

SMM is a type of marketing and a process that involves exploiting social media to influence and reach consumers that one company’s products and/or services are valued by acquiring traffic and manifesting social media tools like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and many others. Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) can help boost your brand [...] Read More

How to Target and Engage your Audience

Different marketing strategies are made to improve the image of the business and highlight the featured products or services that are available. However, most of these strategies have not resulted to as much return as anticipated by the business owners that use variety of advertisement to increase their sales. Know Your Target Market With your [...] Read More

SEO Errors You Might Be Doing

Are you aware of what SEO mistakes you might be doing? Let’s say you are a website owner, a site without ranking position on the SERPs. Even if you’re doing everything right from a marketing perspective, there are some vital points you missed to check and forgot to settle. Some factors who might be the [...] Read More