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Happy Canada Day!

On July 1, 1867, the beautiful nation of Canada was officially born. Many towns and cities, municipal governments organize a range of events, often outdoors. It is also the time to organize pancake breakfasts, while people enjoying parades, concerts, carnivals, fireworks display and many more. It’s a chance for people to come together, unite, and celebrate.

Canadian Feast

Lots of food are being served like the delicious poutine. Among the standout dish is the signature taste of Alberta beef, the heart of the Canadian cattle and beef industry. Another significant dishes are the well-prized Atlantic Canada lobster and theMontreal smoked meat with Cow's ice cream for the dessert and the canadians feast will not be completed without this Canada's 'most popular' brew, the Budweiser beer.

'Canada Day' Outside the Country Celebration

The celebration is not only happening in Canada alone, but even Canadians from the nearby country and around the world also show their pride in their history, culture, and achievements. You can also celebrate experience this great day abroad. Like in London, England for 12 hours, London’s Trafalgar Square becomes the center of the celebration complete with a Canadian concert, cooking demonstrations and best of all, an epic street hockey tournament. While in New York City when the sun sets on the first of July, the sky-scraping top of the Empire State Building lights up in red and white. In Sydney subway stations on Canada’s birthday. You can enjoy Beavertails, a taste of home with all your favorite toppings, or top with a birthday candle.

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Happy birthday people of Canada!

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