Can White Hat Tiered Link Building Still Be Effective?

Tiered link building is known to be a method mostly utilized by black hat SEOs. Basically, it is the process of building multiple tiers of links to a target site. Over the past years, Google has releases a bunch of algorithmic updates into the SEO community. Their consistent updates brought many changes to content marketing and organic search. Link building is one of the areas that has been hit badly by these new algorithmic updates. With Google cracking down those so called “black hat” and “overly manipulative” link building techniques, all of us were obliged to re-evaluate our SEO strategies. Most of us are claiming that link building for SEO purposes is dead, but it’s not. White hat SEOs used Tiered Link Building in a more effective way.

Link Building is Alive

Tiered link building has much to offer in a post Penguin and Panda universe. Tiered link building can be implemented in a completely white hat SEO campaign. It consist layers of inbound links ultimately pointing to your target site. Just like a pyramid, with your target website at the top, and your inbound links flowing up from the base. This technique has been abused by many “black-hat” SEOs, resulting to a very bad name associated to link building.

Top Tier

The top of the pyramid is your target website, and is home to the content you specifically want to promote or rank. Google has been pushing for high quality and authoritative content for quite some time, and that should be the focus of your top tier. Make sure to also link out to other authority websites in your industry or niche. It should also offer real value to your target audience that says like it’s something on your site.

Second Tier

The second would consist of other sites containing links that point to your target website. You will need to locate sites which currently accepting articles and submit your copy. Make sure there are relevancy to your industry or niche to keep everything clean. I am not in favor in promoting you site in your guest posts too often. Linking out to authority sites in your guest post and have an author bio link that points to your website is fine. Different options for your second tier links are using Web 2.0 properties, such as Blogger. You have full control of these blog posts and you can easily link to your site.

Third Tier

The third one then consist of link building efforts with a lower value, containing links pointing to the second tier, which in turn point to your target website. Do not grab whatever links you could find to fill the lower tiers of your pyramid such as mass commenting. Simple rule, all your link building efforts should be relevant and have high trust.

Sounds confusing and complicated? Let’s make it more simple:

Top Tier – Your target website.
Second Tier – Links that point to your website.
Third Tier – Links that point to the 2nd tier.


The conclusion is, your target website will undoubtedly gain benefits from a great number of inbound links, all passing “link juice” up the pyramid. It is important to approach tiered link building with good intentions. Now you see how easy this technique could be abused, but there is definitely a sure way to adopt it and be useful for “white hat” SEO.

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