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SEO Errors You Might Be Doing

Are you aware of what SEO mistakes you might be doing? Let’s say you are a website owner, a site without ranking position on the SERPs. Even if you’re doing everything right from a marketing perspective, there are some vital points you missed to check and forgot to settle. Some factors who might be the [...]

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The Perfect Balance of a Solid Content and SEO

Finding the balance between Content Marketing and SEO may sound intimidating to newcomers and it’s almost impossible to keep up unless you make a conscious effort to do so every day. In a market dominated by Google’s SEO algorithm, many businesses find it hard to concentrate on content marketing while investing in SEO. As Online [...]

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Can White Hat Tiered Link Building Still Be Effective?

Tiered link building is known to be a method mostly utilized by black hat SEOs. Basically, it is the process of building multiple tiers of links to a target site. Over the past years, Google has releases a bunch of algorithmic updates into the SEO community. Their consistent updates brought many changes to content marketing [...]

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The Importance of Meta Tags on Your Website

What are <meta> Tags Good for? Just add Meta Tags for top search engine rankings. Wrong. If you think that Meta tags is the answer to your question of “How do I improve my search engine ranking?” Well, they’re not. Meta tags have no effect on how your visitors will view your pages and enter [...]

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Back to Basic: Introduction to SEO

My initial introduction to SEO was like a simple “how to rank higher in Google.” I work for an SEO Company where we carefully manage the visibility of our client’s business on the World Wide Web in terms of traffic, popularity and reaching diverse audiences. Since their businesses are very niche, we knew the best [...]

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