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Why Duplicate Listing is a BAD THING

In the industry of Local SEO, we spend a lot of time dealing with duplicate listings. Now, let’s define duplicate listing. When your business has two or more listings for one physical location on the same online directory, these other listings are considered duplicate listings. From the presence of it, a lot of negative outcome [...]

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Citation Sources for Any Country

This list of sites work for different countries and for any type of business. We do not include sites that works for selected countries, we have those on different list. Below are the partial list as we regularly updates it every time we encountered new sites that is not included in our list. Website Link [...]

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Why Outsourcing in the Philippines is a great option?

A lot of businesses from different countries across the globe are encouraged to outsource to the Philippines for different reasons. Philippines may not be the top outsourcing country but, we offer more efficient advantages compare to other top countries. But why do outsourcing in the Philippines is a great option for your business? Highly Skilled [...]

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The Rise of BPO in the Philippines

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing  is off to a bright start and has been playing an important role in our economy for the past years by providing different outsourcing services. It is no doubt that it contributed a lot in our economy. Since the rise of BPO, it has been one of the great sources [...]

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How to Target and Engage your Audience

Different marketing strategies are made to improve the image of the business and highlight the featured products or services that are available. However, most of these strategies have not resulted to as much return as anticipated by the business owners that use variety of advertisement to increase their sales. Know Your Target Market With your [...]

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Start Planning Your SEO Success Now!

Take a moment and reflect on the previous year, think about improving and start planning for success. December is the last month and the busiest one for this year. Despite of the holiday fever, find time to think about what happened for the past year. Sort things out and figure out what didn’t work out. [...]

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