Why Duplicate Listing is a BAD THING

In the industry of Local SEO, we spend a lot of time dealing with duplicate listings. Now, let’s define duplicate listing. When your business has two or more listings for one physical location on the same online directory, these other listings are considered duplicate listings. From the presence of it, a lot of negative outcome will surely arise depriving your business’ ability to win the market and rank well.

Customer Confusion

Potential buyers tend to search for shop, store and service using the internet. If they stumble to duplicate listings of your business, it will confuse and frustrate them which may cause you the loss of your potential customers. Other thing is, reviews can be split among your duplicate listings and the great reputation you are building will be invisible to your potential customers.

Ranking Issues

Search engines like Google uses business listing information from different sources like YellowPages and other Data Aggregators as a local ranking algorithm. If you have inconsistent details and/or duplicate listings across different data sources, you may have problems ranking well for relevant local search queries. You surely don’t want that one duplicate listing with inaccurate data be fed to directories and search engines.

Incorrect listing may outrank the correct one

In this situation, you may never know which listing may outrank the other. You might end up with a highly visible and popular listing but with outdated information. You don’t want this wrong information to reach your target market, don’t ya?

Fixing stubborn duplicate listing can be time consuming however, in exchange for a consistent data for search engines and potential customers, it’s worth the time and effort for sure.

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