The Rise of BPO in the Philippines

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing  is off to a bright start and has been playing an important role in our economy for the past years by providing different outsourcing services. It is no doubt that it contributed a lot in our economy. Since the rise of BPO, it has been one of the great sources of foreign investment and foreign currency earning. More Filipinos has been shifted to outsource-service economy and BPO has much to do with the fast-paced transition. It is a very promising industry that drives growth of all divisions including the real estate market, information technology, finance, medical industry and many more.

Chairman of Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) Danilo Cruz said that they aim to maximize and increase their workforce to 1.2M jobs this year. The emerging trend can give us a clear look this is going to continue,  as the continuing growth of demand which specifically require Filipino workers indicates that there a wider range of jobs for us and not only to US or other native English speaking country. It opens up a whole lot of employment opportunities not only to college-educated, highly-skilled and English-speaking but even for college dropouts and high school graduates.

Since most companies all over the globe are focused on operational efficiency and cost reduction, we can expect that they will continue to tap our BPO providers for competitive service costs.

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