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We at Online Crib Co are not just selling our service to clients, but also aim to help businesses like us to provide a good list of citation sites that everybody can use for their local citation building campaign. We will try to give more specific details about a site to help anyone to decide whether to use it or not.

Our research will try to look for the following details:

  • The link of the citation sources website.
  • The ‘Add business’ link or instruction on how to add business on a specific site.
  • Identify the site if it will allow you to add your business for free, need payment or link exchange.
  • Check the Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow.
  • The availability to add the NAPW (Name, Address, Phone and Website).
  • Check if the site allows you to add Images, Descriptions, Social Links, Video, Reviews and etc.
  • Identify the timeframe before a profile goes live / published.
  • Study and provide verification/claiming instructions if it’s an available feature of the site.

We divided our research and list for different categories:

  • Generic Sites – these are the sites that can be use for any business categories. On this area, we will provide a list of sites per country.
  • Niche Specific Sites – these are the sites that can only be use for a specific type of business.
  • Geo Specific Sites – these are the list of sites that are specific for one city, town, state, or province.

Below are the partial lists of site per category that we made. We will regularly update this page every time we finish our research for each category. If you have your own list and want to contribute to this research, let us know. If you want us to research for specific category/location that is not yet present to this page, just click here (It’s FREE!). But due to high volume of request that we received, we will do it on a first come, first serve basis.

Top Local Directory Citations by Country

Top Local Directory Citations Per Category

Importance of Citation Building

Citation building is an important part of online marketing strategy. It is a key component of the ranking algorithms of search engines. Having your business listed at all the major sites is a safeguard against competitors damaging your reputation with incorrect information.

Citations will only be helpful for your SEO strategy if all of your listings have the exact same NAPW. You have to be consistent with data that you use when building citations. That’s one of the reasons we work so far to confirm absolute accuracy when we’re building citations for you. Every citation we create is checked and double-checked to keep conflicting information from being introduced.

Get Started Today!

Each order begins with a citation audit. All of your existing citations are checked out, so we can find out where you need the most help. After we know where your citations are, we can recommend a good strategy, or take your niche strategy and get started.

Our service also includes Market Research to find only the best directories for your type of business. We don’t choose the most common directories that are used by everyone else. We focus on directories that are more relevant to your business and more likely to deliver leads. After that, we build citations and you’ll have your information archived at some of the most reputable business directories online. We made sure it is manually submitted so no dupes will be created.

Ask us any questions you have about citation building! We are here to give you all the help you need.

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