Citation Building

Citation is an online mention of your business’ Name, Address, Phone number and Website (NAPW). Search engines use it in evaluating your business’ online authority. They use your existing citations to determine where your website should be ranked. Having a lot of existing correct citations will make search engines consider your business to be very popular and you will definitely get higher place on ranking.

Importance of Citation Building

Citation building is an important part of online marketing strategy. It is a key component of the ranking algorithms of search engines. Having your business listed at all the major sites is a safeguard against competitors damaging your reputation with incorrect information. Citation will only be helpful on your SEO strategy if all your listing will have the exact same NAPW so you have to be consistent on data that you use when building citation.

Get Started Today

Our team will do Citation Analysis, making sure that your posted information are accurate. Our service also includes Market Research to find only the best directories for your type of business. Then we do Citation Building and you’ll have your information archived at some of the most reputable business directories online. We made sure it is manually submitted and no dupes will be created.